Amp wise I use my Rivera M-60, which was previously owned by Tim Renwick of Pink Floyd. Just for the amp spotters both amps are loaded with Harma Diamond EL34s from Watford Valves.

My main effects come from a TC Electronic G major, controlled by a Beringer FC-300 pedal board.

For my Midi side, I use a Roland GR-33 which also controls my Mac running Mainstage.

I get my lead sounds and various gain stages from a combination of my amp and Blackstar HT dual. I also use this for recording using the direct out. The only other pedal I use is the fantastic Barber ‘Tone Press’ compressor.

My MJS MEG custom was completed this year. Built by Godefroy Mareujouls, with a few ‘helpful’ suggestions and a colourblind episode from Nick, it features built in MIDI and acoustic piezzo built into the unique shaped and chambered mahogany body. With Spertzel tuners, the custom midi Wilkinson bridge and ‘Deathbucker’ pickups from Lace (great for Jazz!), it covers every sound and musical situation.

I have two heavily modified Ibanez 550's. The "Electric Banana" and the "Electric Mango"(shown in first picture). They are identical in every way except for their colors. They have smooth unlaquered necks, Lace Alumitone ‘Deathbuckers’ and standard Ibanez middle pick ups, Roland GK-2 midi pickups, custom wiring (pick up selection goes, bridge/bridge-neck/neck/neck-middle/middle), tone control and volume controls further down. I use them for sessions( if the session requires a keyboard player), for some of my solo performances and for gigging with most bands. My other strat type guitar is a Levinson Blade something or other (pictured with the electric banana), modified with a Seymor Duncan JB junior and a Roland midi pickup

I also use my home made fretless
monster (Same pic as the Godin). This was an Aria strat copy which,  after reading the fantastic book by Bill Milkowski about Jaco Pastorius, I thought it would be a great idea to rip off all the frets and create a fretless guitar in the same way that Jaco did.

Acoustic wise I use my two Yamahas. I have a CG-170SA classical and a ANX cutaway electro acoustic. I also use the Godin ACS nylon string Midi acoustic (called Hilda after my grandmother).

My Acoustics and midi are amplified by my indispensable AER Compact 60.

Honorable mentions also for my Ibanez Roadster fluorescent pink HK bass and for my two Gibson Explorer copies, one of which is half size and tuned to A.